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Shine Music Festival
August 24, 2024
ReelWorks Denver

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AJ Josiah Access Gallery Shine Music Festival Poster Artwork

Our Mission

Shine Music is dedicated to transforming the live music scene—and the world—into a space where inclusivity and accessibility reign supreme. By weaving together the energy of traditional music festivals, the rigor of comprehensive accessibility practices, and the cutting-edge of adaptive technology, we craft unparalleled live music experiences that welcome and unite individuals from every ability and background. Our mission is to harness the universal language of music to break down barriers, fostering an environment where all can share in the joy and transformative power of musical connection.

Photo: Original SMF 2021 poster artwork by AJ at Access Gallery.
Shine Music Festival 2021

Our Impact

​​​​​​Music has the unique power to bring people of all abilities together, fostering a sense of community and shared experience. When the energy of a live performance intermingles with the energy of the crowd, a magical bubble of inclusivity, celebration, and joy envelops us all. Yet, for too many individuals, these transformative experiences remain out of reach due to inadequate accessibility laws and practices. At Shine Music, we believe that everyone deserves to experience the magic of live music, and we are committed to breaking down barriers and creating a truly inclusive and accessible musical community for all.

“Thanks for giving me the gift of an accessible music festival. I felt empowered and confident to enjoy the experience on my terms and at my own pace. This is the first time I’ve ever been able to not depend on a sighted human to enjoy a festival like this. It was a blast!!! Can’t wait for next year!” ~ Jordyn C.

About Us

The Shine Music team stretches far beyond our Board of Directors, it includes our sponsors and partners that help us collectively create the world's only universally designed music festival.

About Us
Shine Music Proclamation from the City and County of Denver 2022

Shine Music News

In August 2022, Shine Music received a proclamation from the City and County of Denver, proclaiming August 27 as the official Shine Music Festival day!

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Shine Music Film block by Nigel Dick

A Look Back

Special thanks to Nigel Dick, Snowman Films, EJ Carr, Nikolai Puc, Uno Media, Rocky Montano Photography, and Hailey Teneyck for capturing the shining moments that tell the story of Shine Music.

Visit our event site to see photos and videos from our previous events.

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​​​​​​Shine Music, a 501c3 non-profit headquartered in Colorado, raises awareness for inclusion and accessibility through our universally designed Shine Music Festival.
By combining the staples of a typical music festival, comprehensive accessibility plans, and cutting-edge adaptive technology, we create barrier-free spaces for people of ALL abilities to share in the groove together.

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